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Applications are closed!

Students can apply to participate to the workshop. They will be required to attend all sessions, do some presentations, and participate actively during the discussion sessions. Students will be selected based on curricula and motivation statement to participate to the workshop.


How to apply

Please send the following information to bbalmaceda@iscv.cl:

Please use the following naming convention: [Your name]_App.xls for the application form, and [Your name].pdf for the motivation letter and CV.


Closing date for applications: November 19th, at 16:00h.

Group work

Students taking part in the workshop will be involved in group work. This is necessary to obtain the certificate of participation as a student.

The objective of the group work is to identify a relevant problem statement and sketch a research proposal. To this end, each student will have to study some research articles prior to the workshop, and follow all the sessions.

On wednesday, groups will be formed randomly, and assigned one of two main research topics: (a) robustness vs. efficiency, and (b) emergence vs. control. Groups of the same panel theme will get together and differentiate their respective thematic approaches.

On friday, each group will have to present their research proposal, in front of a jury consisting of the expositors of the workshop. Presentations have to include 10 min of introduction to give context, a description of the problem statement in a clear and succinct manner, and postulate hypothesis, analysis, strategy to explore/address the problem.