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The school has an open-door policy: unregistered attendees are welcome, as long as the seating space allows it. However, only registered attendees who attend the entirety of the courses will be issued an attendance certificate and be allowed to attend the SCCC international conference free of charge.

Although the official deadline for registration has passed, if you are interested in registering and attending the entirety of the courses, you can still send your application (see instructions).


PL 2010 is the third summer school on Programming Languages, organized by the PLEIAD laboratory of the University of Chile, together with the Chilean Computer Science Society SCCC.

This one-day school is intended to provide interested students with an overview of some major topics and research issues in the area of programming languages. This year’s topics include presentations of recent programming languages like Scala and Groovy, and treatment of challenging issues like concurrent programming and embedded domain-specific languages. Beyond programming languages, several factors govern the way software is built today. A large software system written with a legacy programming language often needs to be maintained for years, if not decades. In addition to programming languages, the school tackles issues related to program analysis and software maintenance and evolution as well.

The program of the school consists in four 2-hour lectures, each starting with basic concepts and then progressively delving into more advanced, research-level issues. Lectures are given by international experts in the fields.

The school is free of charge for participants, but there is a limited number of positions available. Full attendance is required. Also, due to the international profile of the lectures, good understanding of English is mandatory for all participants. More information on how to apply.

The school is co-located with the Chilean Computing Week JCC 2010, and will be held in Antofagasta on November 16th, 2010.

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