Éric Tanter

PhD in Computer Science etanter@dcc.uchile.cl
Associate Professor Blanco Encalada 2120, of.310, Santiago, Chile
PLEIAD Lab phone: +56 2 978 49 53
Computer Science Department (DCC), University of Chile fax: +56 2 689 55 31
Associate Researcher of the Valparaiso Institute of Complex Systems (ISCV), Chile
Associate Researcher of the Center for Advanced Research in Education (CIAE), Chile


  • PhD in Computer Science, University of Nantes & University of Chile (2004)
  • MSc in Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (2000)
  • Computer Systems Engineer, École des Mines de Nantes (2000)

Research Interests

  • programming languages and the quest for ever better modularity and adaptability of software.
  • aspect-oriented programming (AOP) and computational reflection, as means to achieve separation of concerns and dynamic adaptability.
  • means to control the impact of dynamic features (in particular through proper scoping).
  • domain-specific approaches to programming, in particular domain-specific aspect languages.
  • implementation of programming languages and environments
  • concurrent systems, mobile object systems, Grid computing, and Ambient Intelligence (AmI)
  • biologically-inspired and other non-conventional paradigms.

Research Activities

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