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Recent Software

  • GSoul: Typescript implementation of GSoul, a gradual sensitivity language.
  • GSF: Online executable of GSF, a gradual counterpart of System F.
  • GSLRef: Online executable of GSLRef, a gradual language with security typing and references.
  • Gradual Unions: Online executable of GTFL, a gradual language with union types and the unknown type.
  • ObSec: Declassification policies using type abstraction.
  • EffScript: Practical effects for Scala (customizable, polymorphic, and gradual).

Old Software (not supported anymore, but might still work!)

  • TOD: TOD is a tool that helps understand a program's behavior by recording a trace of the events that occur during execution (method calls, object creation, field access…) and letting the user navigate in predefined and custom views of this trace.
  • Ghosts: A IDE tool extension for Eclipse (Java) for supporting incremental programming through automatic and non-intrusive generation of code entities based on their usage; also available for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • Gradualtalk: A practical gradual type system for Pharo Smalltalk.
  • EffectiveAspects: A statically-typed purely functional model of pointcut/advice aspects. Computational effects are modeled using monads, which allows type-based reasoning and modular extensions to the aspect weaving semantics.
  • Effect Capabilities: an effective and flexible manner to control effects and their interferences. Capabilities can be selectively shared between modules to establish secure effect-centric coordinations.
  • Scoped adaptation: a number of projects related to scoping of adaptation (including execution levels for AOP, contextual values, etc.)
  • AspectScript: An aspect language for Web programming.
  • Reflex: Reflex is a versatile kernel for multi-language AOP