←—- WEDNESDAY, 2012-03-28 —–>

Session: Features [David Lorenz]

  • fp323 Separation of Concerns in Feature Modeling: Support and Applications
  • fp222 Intraprocedural Dataflow Analysis for Software Product Lines
  • fp001 [MV] Features and Object Capabilities: Reconciling Two Visions of Modularity

Session: Debugging [Wouter Joosen]

  • fp303 Two-Way Traceability and Conflict Debugging for AspectLTL Programs
  • fp326 A Debug Interface for Debugging Multiple Domain Specific Aspect Languages
  • fp304 A Complete Debugger for Aspect-Oriented Programming

←—- THURSDAY, 2012-03-29 —–>

Session: Languages [Mario Sudholt]

  • fp102 A Monadic Interpretation of Execution Levels and Exceptions for AOP
  • fp306 Adaptable Generic Programming with Required Type Specifications and Package Templates
  • fp003 [MV] Do We Really Need Extending Syntax for Advanced Modularity?

Session: Interference [Mira Mezini]

  • fp336 A Closer Look at Aspect Interference and Cooperation
  • fp207 Management of Feature Interactions with Transactional Regions
  • fp228 Method Shelters: Avoiding Conflicts among Class Extensions Caused by Local Rebinding

Session: Empirical [Stefan Hanenberg]

  • fp208 An Exploratory Study of the Design Impact of Language Features for Aspect-oriented Interfaces
  • fp201 Comprehensively Evaluating Conformance Error Rates of Applying Aspect State Machines for Robustness Testing
  • fp226 Are Automatically-Detected Code Anomalies Relevant to Architectural Modularity? An Exploratory Analysis of Evolving Systems

←—- FRIDAY, 2012-03-30 —–>

Session: Modularity in Systems Software [Michael Haupt]

  • fp332 LARA: An Aspect-Oriented Programming Language for Embedded Systems
  • fp316 ContextErlang: Introducing Context-oriented Programming in the Actor Model
  • fp002 [MV] Fine-Grained Modularity and Reuse of Virtual Machine Components

Session: Implementing Languages [Eric Bodden]

  • fp301 An Object-oriented Framework for Aspect-oriented Languages
  • fp220 Reusing Non-Functional Concerns Across Languages
  • fp327 DiSL: a Domain-Specific Language for Bytecode Instrumentation

Session: Architecture and Design [Hidehiko Masuhara]

  • fp344 Multi-View Refinement of AO-Connectors in Distributed Software Systems
  • fp310 Weaving Dynamical Aspects in HiLA