Initial (un-advertised) page on the Programming Language Summer School.


  • Barrett Bryant, UAB (us)
  • Christopher Dutchyn, USASK (ca)
  • Jacques Noyé, EMN (fr)
  • Andy Kellens, VUB (be)
  • Alexandre Bergel, INRIA (fr)
  • Johan Fabry, UChile (cl)

Basic Topics: Tuesday Nov 11th

  • Object-Oriented Programming, Alexandre Bergel
  • Fundamentals of Functional Programming, Chris Dutchyn
  • Compiling Programming Languages, Barrett Bryant
  • Logic Programming, Andy Kellens
  • Process Calculi, Jacques Noyé
  • Aspect-Oriented Software Development, Johan Fabry

Advanced Topics: Wednesday Nov 12th

  • Modularity: Beyond Classes, Alexandre Bergel
  • Engineering of Domain-Specific Languages, Barrett Bryant
  • Domain-Specific Aspect Languages, Johan Fabry
  • Programming with Intent, Chris Dutchyn
  • Aspects, Components and Processes, Jacques Noyé
  • Declarative Meta Programming, Andy Kellens

  • Max number of participants: 25/35
  • Selection based on cv/motivation statement.
  • Primarily targeted at pre/post graduate students in the region.
  • Certificate of attendance will be issued only to participants to all sessions. Certificate issued by SCCC + organizer.
  • Free of charge for students, but requires full participation. Presence will be checked.
  • SCCC will grant free registration for the whole JCC to selected students.