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This screencast is fully dedicated to explaining the structural zoom feature of aspectmaps.

Differences in this screencast with respect to AspectMaps 1.0

AspectMaps 1.0 has some differences in how classes and aspects are displayed. However the core behavior of the structural zoom is unaffected. More in detail, this screencast differs from 1.0 in the following:

  • Here, to zoom out packages anywhere in the package can be clicked
  • Here, the extended representation of classes and aspects does not include the class name
  • Here, the names of classes includes their package name
  • Here, the popup of attributes does not include their type
  • Here, method names also include their parameters
  • Here, the colors of the aspects differ
  • Here. the visualization also shows superfluous packages (defined outside of the Eclipse project, for which no complete information is available), e.g. java.* packages

Note: on a Mac, when using Firefox and the Flip4Mac wmv plugin these videos are distorted. Please either save the video to disk and open with Quicktime, or use Safari instead.