Expected duration: 2 months

Objective: defining synthetic and effective visualizations for profiling differentiation Participants: Felipe Bañados, Alexandre Bergel, Romain Robbes

0 - Startup

0.1 - Alex should contact Dale Done

0.2 - Subscribe to the Pharo mailing list. Say “Hello”.

0.3 - Read Pharo by example Done, www.moosetechnology.org/tools/Spy , http://www.moosetechnology.org/tools/Spy/Kai, http://www.bergel.eu/download/papers/Berg10aProfiling.pdf Done

1 - Define the visualization for two different snapshots (for the same input). This implies finding colors Done and layout (may be tricky to get it right)

2 - Have a small running example based on Mondrian. Pick two different versions to exemplify the visualization

3 - Doing a small but useful case study. Based on Metacello. Apparently, it spends a lot of time to identify the order of package loading.

3.1 - finding improvement

3.2 - testing the visualization

3.3 - identifying bottlenecks, room for improvement

4 - … Meeting Thu 22

-Automatically load versions from monticello and create profiles with them. -Get the source code at monticello and check if it has changed between the versions we are comparing. Being able to see the differences. After that, start checking the call graph.


-Superclass relation inside the meta model. Done. -Gradual coloring to see the biggest differences and distinguish them. -Consider percentage differences instead of literal. (Let's try!)

-Call graphs. Each node to know its incoming and outgoing calls…