1 - Set up a wiki page that will contains milestones - OK

2 - Try Spy (the profiling framework) and Kai (the profiler) and the extension of MessageTally proposed by A. Plantec (MessageTallyExample in Momo, only for Pharo Core 1.1) Ok

3 - Extend the current code profiling visualizations with memory metrics. This has the benefit to be familiar with Mondrian and Spy.

4 - Propose an integration into the Pharo programming environment:

4.1 - Integration into the OB code browser

4.2 - Integration into the tool provided by A. Plantec

4.3 - Easy profiling within the selection menu of a ParagraphTextEditor. Add a 'profileIt' menu entry when I select a piece of code?

4.4 - Experimentation against a number of case studies (e.g., Metacello, Moose, Mondrian, DSM)

4.5 - Add a new button in the debugger for easy profiling (?)

4.6 - Integration with TestRunner

5 - Write documentation (e.g., scientific article)