Old AspectJ Plugin (by Leonardo Rodriguez)


The AspectJ Plugin (AJP) translates an AspectJ program into a equivalent program in Reflex. The current version of the plugin is a proof of concept implementation, it supports a subset of the AspectJ language, mainly the dynamic crosscutting language. The implementation is based on the mapping presented here.

The plugin is implemented by using Reflex to transparently change the behavior of the standard AspectJ Compiler 1.2 (AJC) so that the intermediate representation is transformed to Reflex configuration. Using AJC we avoid doing the complex parsing and error checking of the AspectJ program. Therefore in order to run the plugin, AJC 1.2 must be in the classpath, see System Requirements for additional information.


The AspectJ Plugin (AJP) is the result of a collaboration between Leonardo Rodríguez, Éric Tanter, and Jacques Noyé.

Leonardo Rodríguez is the main developer and maintainer of AJP.


The plugin can be downloaded here (25-Apr-05) and its source code can be downloaded form here (25-Apr-05). Before using it, please read the readme file in the zips or read it from here.