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This screencast shows the remainder parts of the AspectMaps UI in more detail.

Differences in this screencast with respect to AspectMaps 1.0

In addition to the structural zoom differences detailed in the AspectMaps structural zoom, there are cosmetic changes, also mentioned in the introduction to AspectMaps, which we repeat here for your convenience.

  • The widgets in the window look slightly different
  • The colors of the aspects differ
  • The metrics panel is organized differently, and here there are less metrics to choose from.
  • Here some of the structural zoom buttons are not present: Package Level and Class Level, plus there is a superfluous 'Refresh' button.
  • Here there are no toolbars in the Projects list, nor in the Aspects in Project list

Note: on a Mac, when using Firefox and the Flip4Mac wmv plugin these videos are distorted. Please either save the video to disk and open with Quicktime, or use Safari instead.