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The introduction page provides a brief overview of how the AspectMaps visualization works, above the screenshot. For more complete written documentation, we refer to the ICPC paper, which contains a full description of the visualization.

We also feature a number of screencasts about the tool, however these are of an older version and have not been kept up to date. We keep them here as the core concepts still apply.

Introduction to AspectMaps

The AspectMaps structural zoom

Remaining major features of the AspectMaps UI

Visualizing Join Point Shadows with AspectMaps

As AspectMaps is in continuous development, some of the features shown in the above screencasts have undergone changes since they were recorded. The webpage for each screencast provides more details.

List of known bugs

AspectMaps is a labor of love, but we unfortunately only have limited resources to work on the tool. Below is a list of known bugs that we do not have had the time to fix.

  • Diamonds and triangles disappear on the right hand side of large visualizations. (Approx 2 screens out.) This is due to a bug in Pharo (more specifically in the Morphic implementation)
  • The import wizard misses some verifications / sanity checks on the input files. It is possible to provide the wrong files at the various stages of the import, which crashes the process.
  • With multiple AspectMaps windows open and visualizing the same model, changes in one window may not be reflected in the other window.
  • Scrollbars sometimes do not appear on a zoom in operation. This is a bug in the Glamour-Mondrian integration.
  • On a zoom out operation sometimes part of the diagram outside of its new dimensions are not erased. This is a bug in Mondrian.
  • On some occasions popups do not disappear when they should. This is a bug in Mondrian